Epoxy Flooring

Transform your garage floor into a work of art…

An epoxy floor is an investment and home improvement that turns an ugly concrete floor into a beautiful showroom.

We use high performance garage floor coating systems capable of providing a long lasting floor for years to come.  We professionally prepare the garage floor or basement floor, with large commercial grade equipment so you get a true bond.

Resin floors and resin surfaces are available in many colors with creative, decorative and seamless finishes. Floors, walls and surfaces finished in nanocement Material are stylish, durable and easy to clean. Any colour resin floors, transparent or opaque, with printed or uniform background, gradient, or textures and patterns, for every application or utilization, from residential to offices, show rooms, stores, restaurants, sport fitness centers, movie theaters, shopping centers, marketplaces, warehouses and industrial work areas in general.

Metallic epoxy floor coating is 100 percent solids based. The finished look is a beautiful metallic shine and shimmer with a glass like sheen. When using the Metallic epoxy coating, no two floors can ever be the same. The techniques used to create a metallic floor our endless therefore you can have a epoxy floor you can call your own.

Many customers are finding epoxy floors are not only great for your garage but for your business via showroom, restaurant, hair salon the possibilities are endless.

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